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PATTIRO has used information technology as one of the supporting pillars of activity since its inception. Beginning with the use of a desktop computer with a 56kbps dialup modem that was used interchangeably in 2001, it continued with the addition of a desktop computer and a laptop in 2003.

The year 2003 also became an important momentum of PATTIRO, because that year PATTIRO officially had a website at URL address http://pattiro.org and millis in yahoogroups. It was a time when web 1.0 generation began to take shape and became popular. And now, as the web generation begins the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0, PATTIRO has been sponsored by some world-class Information Technology companies to support activists and organization.

We thank them with great gratitude and thanks to them we can reduce the licensing costs of ownership of the software so that we can concentrate more fully on the work we do. They are :

Google for nonprofits

Google for Non Profit is a special program provided by Google Inc, to accommodate non-profit organizations officially registered in a country. This program allows the use of Google apps free of charge or get a special fee but still gets full official support from Google Inc. For more information please visit the official Google For Non Profit website.

PATTIRO also used the G-Suite since 2009 which was then called Google Apps for Works, to replace the electronic mail management system and collaborative applications. It took a full year for PATTIRO to maximize the use of G-Suite. The existence of Google applications that are still under the shadow of the providers of electronic mail services with the logo Y! Leaving foreign activists in the service and a little stunned to move their mailboxes to Google’s electronic mail.

Until now the Google apps used by PATTIRO are:

G Suite for Nonprofits YouTube Nonprofit Program   Google Ad Grants

Microsoft Philanthropies

Microsoft Philanthropies is a Microsoft grant donation program for nonprofit organizations or civil society movements that want to campaign on humanitarian issues. To obtain this grant, the organization must be officially registered in a country. Officially registered they can use Microsoft products free of charge or get a very significant cost relief and supported by the world’s best technical teams. For more information, please visit the official Microsoft Philanthropies website.

And PATTIRO itself has obtained a product license grant from Microsoft since 2014, in cooperation with Techsoup.asia. Since then, PATTIRO has been slowly updating the software license system used by PATTIRO.

Until now the Microsoft applications used by PATTIRO are:

Microsoft Office365 for non profits  Microsoft Azure


The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

We are also grateful to WordPress, with outstanding openness and community support, this application is always reliable in our work at PATTIRO. To handle our multilingual content using The WordPress Multilingual Plugin that handles almost any language in the world and allows managers to add languages that are not yet available.

WPML itself was created by the best talents in OnTheGoSystems. They have developed it since 2007. The WMPL team consists of 40 people who provide six-day work support for a week and in nine languages.